Keep your animals safe with a Foxproof enclosure  

Our Mission

Foxproof est 2016

Our mission is to create a safe and secure living area for your animal(s) if your not Foxproof it's not a matter of if but when you have a visit, we are not just Foxproof but Fox friendly most animal's are lost through human error,  yet foxes get the blame most of the time.  The fox is the master of his own environment with a Foxproof enclosure you can be assured if you have a fox visit,  your animals will be safe and secure.

Operating hours

Monday -Thursday 08:00-17:30

Friday  -  08:00- 14:00

Saturday    -   Closed

Sunday      -    Closed

Email : [email protected]

Everything we do is handmade to the highest standard, we only use the best suppliers so we can ensure quality from start to finish, with a steel frame and fully welded mesh there is nothing better to house your animals in giving you the piece of mind your Foxproof,

as all work is handmade we can easily customize to your requirements any size and shape can be catered to on request, we also do steel enclosures with a box profile roof and half box profile sides so your animals have shelter and shade all year round there are many options available to secure and Foxproof your animals.

Fully Customized work is available on request

Our Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

***Decorative steel pond covers are available on request please contact us for more information.***

Chicken runs and coops

Any size or colour can be achieved and can be made to fit into any space.

Bird Aviary's

All aviary's come with a safety door which can be internal or external we have several mesh sizes and finishes available depending on what you are housing.

Small animal runs 

We have several options available to make all your furries safe and sound.


We can make kennel doors and dog runs to suit all of your needs all sizes and styles are available.